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SKU: 10f260d90661 Category: priligy walmart Tag: priligy for sale
You are most welcome to deal with our company MNJ BRAVOROX BUSINESS (PTY) LTD.We are a trading & Wholesaler company based in South Africa. We have activities at agriculture, mining, manufacturing, import & export trading fields.
Our company service specializing in the production of Newsprint Paper, gold and silver color cardboard, all kinds of composite film, optical film, color film, pearl film, aluminum foil, bottom paper white cardboard, white paper, gray board paper, grey paper, offset paper, coated paper, light weight coated papernewsprint and other special adhesive, high firmness, suitable for all kinds of die cutting, embossing, hot stamping, widely used in food trays, thermoforming boxes,wine box, gift box, cosmetic box, crafts box, handbags and other environmentally friendly new packaging, quality to meet international standards. 
Thoroughly solve the problem of foaming, curling, bleaching and other technical problems, and create a new era on foreign trade export and printing and forming enterprises to improve product quality grade.
High Brightness Newsprint Paper 45gsm In Reels/Rolls Offset paper
Any size is available. For hot drink and cold drinks. Outer packing according to you want. Paper weight from 160GSM to 350GSM. Single coated and double PE coated are available. 
Commodity:Newsprint Paper in rolls and sheets
Origin:South Africa
Loading Port: Durban, SA.
Delivery time :  20-25 Days After Confirmation of payment.
Supply Ability: 20 x 40 ft containers / Month
Pulp Material:Mixed Pulp 
Paper Type:Newsprint Paper 
3)size:roll and sheet 
4)packing: ream wrapping is available
We supply newsprint 48.8gsm/45gsm in roll or in sheet 50/55/30gsm, or according to customers requirements.Your inquiries are warm welcome
Basic Weight:45-48.8GSM
width: according to buyers requirement. 
Whiteness: 60% 
Smoothness: 66% 
Moisture: 7.6% 
Packing: In roll or in sheet ,according to your requirements
Parameters:                                      45 gsm                      –   48.8 gsm       –      52gsm
Basis weight, g/m2:                          45 +/- 1.7                   –  48.8 +/-1.7      –      52 +/-1.7
Fibre mix:                                TMP – 15% Broke – 0% Pulp – 10-12% SGW    – the rest
Brightness, %:                                  min 60                       –    min 60           –      min 60
Thickness, mm:                                max 0.08                   –    max 0.085     –      max 0.095
Density, g/cm3:                                min 0.57                     –    min 0.57        –      min 0.56 
Bulk, cm3/g:                                     max 1.75                    –    max 1.75       –      max 1.8
Moisture content, %:                        8.5 +/-1.5                    –    8.5 +/-1.5      –      8.5 +/-1.5
Tear resistance in CD, mN:              min 220                      –    min 230         –      min 250
Opacity,% :                                       min 93                        –    min 94           –      min 96
Smoothness (Bekk), sec:                 45 +/- 10                     –    45 +/- 10       –      45 +/- 10
Breaking length in MD, m:                min 3700                    –    min 3800       –      min 3800
Porosity (Bendtsen), ml/min:             max 250                     –   max 250        –      max 250
Elongation, %:                                   min 0.9                       –    min 0.9         –      min 0.9
Shade:                                              a=-0.35+/-0.15b=3.5+/-0.5
We are ready to supply you as per you specification.

Whats-app:+27 733 038 991