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Bulk Export Grade A / B Halal Frozen Whole Chicken, Frozen Chicken Feet, Frozen Chicken Paws.


We are sellers of certified halal frozen chicken, beef, pork etc and we are looking
for serious buyers to extend our long term business with customers. We supply FOB / CIF any port without any problem.our product meet the SGS testing, we can supply kinds of frozen chicken cuts. Freezing Process: IQF Part: Whole Shape: Port:Durban, Packaging: Cartons Shelf Life: 12 months Certification: Place of Origin: South Africa

We supply high quality and large quantities of Halal and non-halal frozen whole chicken, frozen chicken feet and frozen chicken parts.The different types of frozen whole chicken and frozen chicken parts that we supply are:
1. Whole chicken. Please indicate the size that you want.
2. Chicken leg quarter/Chicken whole leg
3. Chicken drum stick
4. Chicken thigh
5. Chicken boneless leg
6. Chicken paw
7. Chicken wing tips
8. Chicken 2 joint wing
9. Chicken whole leg boneless with skin on
10. Chicken feet
11. Chicken gizzards
12. Chicken wing middle joint
13. Chicken inner fillet middle half cut
14. Chicken boneless and skinless breast without inner fillet
15. Chicken half breast boneless and skinless without inner fillet
16. Chicken head
17. Chicken back
18. Chicken front
19. MDM


– Feather off
– well cleaned and fresh
– no bruises
– no black pads or ammonia burns
– no bad smells
– no excessive blood or blood stains
– moisture content is less than 3%

weight and packaging:
whole chicken each weight 800g to 2500g x 7-10 in a box
Other parts from 2kg up to 10 – 15/20kg

We also supply frozen whole turkey.
We offer competitive prices for the frozen whole chicken, for frozen chicken parts and for frozen whole turkey that we supply.
Place your chicken parts, whole chicken and whole turkey order with us now and save money on your order.

After sale:

We suggest customers come to our factory inspect the goods before loading.

We suggest customers insure the goods and request their carrier do the operation safety during the transportation.

Any complains should be submitted to us within 7working days after the cargos arrived the destination port.

Following points should be call to your attention when submitting the complains:

The detail description of problems in writing by email.

Min.Order Quantity: 27/28 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
Supply Ability: 20,000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Payment Terms: T/T

Grade A Processed Chicken Feet and Chicken Paws
White skin
No broken bones
Outer yellow skin off

Grade A Processed Chicken Feet and Chicken Paws
White skin
No broken bones
Outer yellow skin off



White skin
No broken bones
Outer yellow skin off
Well cleaned and fresh
No bruises
No black pads or ammonia burns
No bad smells
No excessive blood or blood stains
Moisture content is less than 3%
No excess water
Weight per piece is 35-60g
Length per piece 12-15cm



White skin
No broken bones
Outer yellow skin off
Well cleaned and fresh
No bruises
No black pads or ammonia burns
No bad smells
No excessive blood or blood stains
Moisture content is less than 3%
No excess water
Weight per piece is 35-50g

(chicken feet/paws/whole wings/mid joint wings)
– grade A feet weight per piece is 40-55gr feet 13-15cm
grade A paws weight per piece is 35-45gr paws 10-13cm
Size : per piece each.mid join wings 30-35gr 7-9cm
Size : Per Piece each full wings 70-100gr


Quantity Need: 27 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
Chicken mechanically deboned meat
1-Appearance – homogeneous crushed mass
2-Color – from light pink to dark red
3-Smell – typical, free of foreign odours
4-Moisture – not more than 68%
5-Fat content – not more than 20%
6-Fat content – not more than 20%
7-Mass fraction of bone nodules – not more than 0.6%
8-Calcium – not more than 0.3 %
9-Size of bone nodules – not more than 0.5 mm
10-Freezing type BQF
11-Storage conditions -18C and lower
12- Shelf life 12 months

Freezing process: Blast freezer (-40c) & strong temperature (-18c)
Packing style: (BQF) 10 kg block *2=20 kg per carton in MASTER CARTONS
Total cartons in one container: 1400 cartons *20kg per carton =28000kgs per 40 feet RH container (High cube)

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