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Priligy over the counter, Do i need a prescription for priligy

Wholesale Natural Pure yellow Beeswax Foundation Sheet ( Honeycomb)

SKU: ab4db45b7bab Categories: priligy walmart, priligy for sale, dapoxetine priligy

Priligy over the counter, Do i need a prescription for priligy

Our company is specializes in collecting, processing and trading of beehive products. The company enjoys great advantages on railway, highway and air transportation. With annual bee propolis output of over 120 tons and beeswax output of over 1600 tons.

Our main products include: propolis extract, propolis powder, crude and refined beeswax, Paraffin wax, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly Powder.

Our products have been sold all over South Africa and have been exported to dozens of foreign countries in the world

This beautiful wax is the finest we have ever acquired; producing a very fragrant, clean, and perfectly filtered product without the debris and muddy color found in typical waxes. Use it for cosmetics, salves, body care products, lotions and you can melt it down to make your own aromatic candles. Pure bees wax with no filler, synthetics, debris, or foreign fragrances.


Brief Introduction of organic honeycomb beeswax foundation sheet

Beeswax Foundation is artificial bees nest foundation and it is the foundation for building the hive bee. Honeycomb produced by beeswax foundation is neat, solid and good for the feeding and management of bee colony.

Specification of organic honeycomb beeswax foundation sheet

Other sizes can also be customized according to requirements.

41.5 cm*19.5 cm


41.5 cm*20.5 cm


41.5 cm*20 cm


41.5 cm*21 cm


41.5 cm*22 cm


41.5 cm*25 cm

41 cm*20 cm 42 cm*20 cm 38 cm*21 cm


38 cm*22 cm


38 cm*25 cm


  Material: Beeswax

Bulk light yellow organic beeswax comb foundation sheet

Comb foundation can be called foundation,is very necessary for beekeeper,
used beeswax as the main raw materials, through suppression of the nest by machine basis,
and the cell size can make different, respectively, for Apis cerana cerana and Apis mellifera used.
Basis of the use of nest neatly produced honeycomb, solid, in favor of keeping the management of bees.

In order to enable the merit of foundation obtain the full display, must have the strict request to 
the foundation in quality: 
The beeswax must be pure; 
The foundation is regular hexagon and the size must be accurate,
foundation is according to the specification size, the geometry angle mustbe neat; 
The foundation production process, specially in each working procedure’s temperature control 
must the standard, generate the foundation luster is bright, the room bottom is transparent, 
foundation toughness is big, is not easy to extend the distortion. 
Foundation of long store must be avoiding used.

How to choose the best comb foundation?

1.Superior Beeswax Foundation:

1) Hard but not break;

2) The cell is very clear;

3) Have beeswax natural aroma;

4) Uniform color,discoloration does not occur.

2.Inferior Beeswax Foundation:

1) Easy to break;

2) The cell is not clear;

3) Have no aroma or not the natural aroma;

4) Uneven color, easy decolorization.

4.Production Process

1).Wax In Water.

2).Made Wax Board.



5).Cut Stencils.

6).Compressed Into Tablets.

7).Padded Paper.


9).Into Cartons.


DELIVERY DURATION: 20 to 35 Days Maximum,

Inspection is done by SGS and ministry of health and external trade before shipment, so that client will receive certificate of origin and analysis confirming the quality and quantity of products to be shipped.

We are manufacturer specialize in Agricultural products, 
90% of our goods exported abroad. 
European and Asia are our mainly export market. 
we have the following advantages if u choose us: 
we pay much attention to our products’ quality, 
all of our goods are Natural Grown food, 
non-public hazard 
2:Cheap price: 
in order to enlarge abroad market, 
we can offer you best price.our price are cheaper than other supplier 
3:High Quality: 
our products’ Purity can up to >99% , 
Moisture <14% and Impurity <1% 
Bravorox is a company with the approval of import and export agricultural products, and the registration certificate of sanitation issued by The State Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine. 
For your convenience we can package from 25Kg to 100Kg bags or in bulk regularly services wholesalers, traders, distributors, millers, and even some large grocery retailers. 
Thank you for your interest in our products. Please explore our web-site to learn in detail about us, we hope to win your further interest in doing business with us. whether you decide to work with us or not, please provide us your valuable feedback which would serve as basis for continuous improvement of our products and services.