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Priligy 60mg, Does 60 mg of priligy work

Quality White Kidney Beans

SKU: 97c7b758f737 Categories: priligy walmart, priligy for sale

Priligy 60mg, Does 60 mg of priligy work

BRAVOROX, source these products from reputed farmers and manufacturers of the market who offer quality tested products to the customers. Our agriculture products are available in various grades according to your requirements.

As a result, we claim huge success in the markets of Arabic country, Africa, Europe, Sub Continents, Turkey,Mexico, and Canada. We offer these products in packaging that lock the taste and aroma of the product.

Catering to the requirements of our clients, we are indulged in offering an optimum quality range of Kidney Beans, Red Kidney Beans, Light Sparkle Kidney Beans, White Kidney Beans, Black Kidney Beans etc,  to our customers. This variety colors range kidney beans is well-tested by our team of well-versed professionals to ensure its purity and premium quality.

Moreover, our valuable clients can avail these products at feasible rates. We have carved a niche among the leading organizations in this business and are involved in providing an enormous quality range White Kidney Beanslight speckled kidney beans,brown speckled kidney beans,red speckled kidney beans,Peanuts, Almonds, Pistachio. Etc

Our company collects kidney beans from local farmers all the time and our production capacity could be up to a few thousand tons monthly.  Our cost of production is low because of no intermediaries. 

We only deliver agriculture products stock that meets the International Standards. We are willing to establish a long business relationship with a serious you and your Company


No adulteration

Enhanced shelf life

High quality

High nutritional value

High protein content

Superb taste

Hygienically processed

Excellent source of nutrients


Whole grains must be stored under dry, ventilated and hygienic conditions .

Commodity: White Kidney Beans 


Price CIF :$650USD/MT

Loadin Port: Durban, South Africa

Full grain rate:99%

Moisture 14% max
Admixture 0.5% max.
Imperfect rate 3% max



Supply Quantity:2000MT/Month


Packing:25 or 50 kg pp bag or gunny bag

Shelf life: 24 month

One is hps quality, adm. 0.3% max. moisture 14% max max. imperfect 3% max.

Another is machine cleaned quality, adm. 0.5% max. moisture 14.5% max. imperfect: 10% or according to customer required.

Purity : 99.5% by weight.

insects & pesticides free

SGS inspection available

Current Year crop