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Fresh Fruit Red Fuji Apple With Good Taste


You are most welcome to deal with our company. we have available fruits for sale. Below you find info about our fresh apples.

Detailed Information of Fresh Apple


Commodity Fuji Apple
Style Fresh
Color Red/Blush
Color percent 80% red up
Grade First, Second and other
Size 32/36/40/44 pcs/10kg

72/80/88/100/113/125/138 pcs/20kg

Packing 20kg/carton, 40kg/carton or as customers’ order



Commodity Huniu Apple
Style Fresh
Color Red
Color percent 100% red
Size 80#,88#,100#,113#,125#,138#,150#
Packing 5kg/10kg/20kg carton or as customers’ requirements



Commodity Golden Delicious Apple
Style Fresh
Color Yellow
Color percent 90% up
Grade A
Packing Inner packing: paper tray, foam net, plastic bag

Outer packing:18kg/20kg carton



Commodity Jonagold Apple
Style Fresh
Color Red
Color percent 80% red up
Grade First, Second and other
Packing paper carton each one or as customers’ requirements




Commodity Red Star Apple
Style Fresh
Color Red
Color percent 90% red up
Grade A & B
Size 72#,80#,100#,113#,125#,138#,150#
Packing 18kg/20kg carton or as customers’ requirements
Supply time at the end of August.




Commodity Gala Apple
Style Fresh
Color Red/Blush
Color percent 70% red up
Grade 1
Size 72#,80#,100#,113#,125#,138#,150#, 168#,178#,198#
Packing paper carton each one or as customers’ requirements


Product name 2018 New Crop Fresh Gala Apple
Place of origin South Africa
Remark 1) fresh, crisp, juicy
2) nutritious, high quality, good for health
Supply period From July to December
Harvest time JULY
Supply capacity yearly 100000MT.
Size A: 72/80/88/100/113/125/138/150/163/175/198 in 18kg net weight
B: 80/88/100/113/125/138/150/163/175/198 in 20 kg net weight
Packing 1. Inner packing: paper tray, apple net, fresh bag or sleeve;
2. Outer packing: carton
3. We can pack the goods according the customers’ requirements.
Quantity/conveyance 18 KG/CTN 1264 CTNS/FCL (40 FT RH)
20 KG/CTN 1155 CTNS/FCL (40 FT RH)
20 KG/CTN 1106 CTNS/FCL (40 FT RH)


Advantage of Gala Apple:

Gala is slightly acidic crisp sweet, flavour beauty juice, early maturity. It is rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, and is good for our health.  Eating more apples can help us to loosing weight.

Gala Apple Manufacturer Profile :

Our company has 7 years experience in the fruit fresh keeping, with 15000 tons of vault, nissan 30 tons of processing workshops. We can also provide different red degrees,different color degree and different specifications of the fruit for the customer.


Supply period all year
Size: 80-88,100-113,125-138,150-163,175-198
Packing: 1. Inner packing: paper tray, apple net, fresh bag or sleeve;

2. Outer packing: carton 10kg/ctn, 18kg/ctn, 20kg/ctn

3. We can pack the goods according the customers’ requirements.

Quantity/conveyance 10 KG/CTN 2212 CTNS/FCL (40 FT RH)

18 KG/CTN 1264 CTNS/FCL (40 FT RH)

20 KG/CTN 1106 CTNS/FCL (40 FT RH)

Shipment port: DURBAN


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