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Fresh, Dried & Powder Ginger

You are most welcome to deal with our company MNJ BRAVOROX (PTY) LTD.We are engaged in production/manufacturing, warehousing, wholesale, shipping, supplying and distribution. All the processes right from the first step to distribution are managed by the company itself.
We are committed to provide the best quality to our clients and follow global standards for food safety, quality and hygiene.We have a separate quality control department and an in-house laboratory where samples are tested for internal audits.
Moreover, our valuable clients can avail these products at feasible rates. We have carved a niche among the leading organizations in this business and are involved in providing an enormous quality range of  Fresh and Dried Ginger,Chili, Turmeric Powder, Sliced Turmeric, Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Lime, Lemon grass.
We are willing to establish a long business relationship with you and your Company.

 Size: 100g,150g ,200g,250g,300g,350g,400g

Packing: 8/10kg/carton with inner plastic bag, 10kg/Plastic box

Variety: fresh ginger, air-dried ginger ,according to your requirement.

The Ginger we provide comes from the best origin, high quality, competitive price

Having our own farms base and factory ,large supply capacity all the year round,and export directly.

Lead time: within 14 days after Confirmed.

Minimum order: 26-28Metric Ton to one 40′ reefer container

Reasons that you should choose us
1. Competitive Price
You are directly buying from a Chinese farmer, we will be able to provide a very competitive price than anyone else in this field.
2. Quality Control
Our product are carefully processed and packed to meet international standards.
We have a comprehensive and fully transparent system which allows complete traceability of all product from factory to cool store to market.
We have a quality control team to make sure customer can get best quality of product.
3. Facilities
Our company has own production base,packinghouses and cool store, help to provide logistics services.
We export fruits and vegetables for many years,we have the excellent service team.
we have the best price and quality.