High Quality Supply Fruit Red Wine and Whiskey at Factory Price.

High Quality Supply Fruit Red Wine and Whiskey at Factory Price.


High Quality Supply Fruit Red Wine and Whiskey at Factory Price.

We are export and trading company and we sell alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
We sell whisky, vodka, cognac, brandy, wine, soft drinks, energy drinks, gin, wine etc
All our products are original and authentic and we ship to all parts of the world
We have large quantity available for sale
Our prices are cheap and we are recognized widely because we supply authentic and original products
We are reliable and efficient

Many people have a part to play in making a wine, starting in the vineyard with the work of vine growers, all the way until the wine reaches the consumer. Each of those people have a commitment, involvement and focus that should be aimed toward the consumer.

High quality raw materials & water

Good quality water source is the indispensable condition for brewing high-quality liquor, it can make the wine more pure and clean. Because the water does not contain other dissolved salts, this liquor will be more soft and mellow; it won’t damage the body when enjoying the liquor.

Rest assured safety production process:

  • To make whisky, need grain, yeast and water. To make single malt whisky need barley, yeast and water. These are the key ingredients.

  • But in addition to these, many other steps needed to help create the Irish whiskey, Bourbon and other unique whisky. 
    • This deceptively simple formula covers complex product production process.The following is the production process for your reference.

We have rich experience of exhibition

 Friendly and win-win relationship with clients

 We have exported our products to many countries

Frequently asked questions:

  • About products questions:
  1. Which products you mainly produce?

Whisky, brandy and vodka

  1. Can we use our own logo or design for the label?

Yes, you can. You may contact us about the private label.

  1. What is the volume of the bottle?

We have 700ml bottles on hand. We may open a mold for other bottle sizes.

  1. What is the HS code?

Whisky: 2208300000 & Brandy: 2208200000 & Vodka: 2208600000

  • About payment questions:
  1. What is the payment?

Usually we accept T/T. We can also Western Union and Moneygram.

  • About shipping information:
  1. Can we use our own shipping agent?

  Yes, you can. We had cooperated with many forwarders. If you need, we can recommend some forwarder to you and you compare the price and service.

  1. What is the port of your shipment?

Durban port in South Africa.

  1. What is the packing and can we mix container?

Each case has 12 pcs, 20FT has 1000 cases. Yes, you can mix it.

  • About the service and other information
  1. What is the charge of the sample?

We offer free sample for tasting and your evaluation.

Free sample and private label service are offered.

Sent an inquiry to us without any hesitation and we will reply you within 8 hours in working days.


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