Grade A quality Roasted and Raw Pistachios in shell and without shell

Grade A quality Roasted and Raw Pistachios in shell and without shell

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You are most welcome to deal with our company MNJ BRAVOROX BUSINESS (PTY) LTD.We are a trading & Wholesaler company based in South Africa. We have activities at agriculture, mining, manufacturing, import & export trading fields.

Catering to the requirements of our clients, we are indulged in offering an optimum quality range of Salted Pistachio Nuts to our customers. Our nuts are well-tested by our team of well-versed professionals to ensure its purity and premium quality.


100% natural product, guaranteed additives free, safe for children and pregnant moms.

Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

We only deliver agriculture products stock that meets the International Standards. We are willing to establish a long business relationship with you and your Company.


    Long shelf life
    Hygienically processed
    High purity level
    Optimum quality
    Good packaging
    Fully Cleaned
    Health beneficial

The available size as follow: 20-22.22-24, 26-28, 28-30, 30-32, 32-34
The normally packing is 10kg/25kg/50kg/plastic bag, or by your requirement 

Natural: %100
Open Shell Pistachio: Min %95
Closed Shell Pistachios: Max %5
Crop time: Mid September
Salmonela: N/A
E.Coli:    N/A
Yeast:    N/A






579 kcal

Vitamin B3

1,1 mg


25 g


6,7 mg


6,1 g


158 mg


48,5 g


1,3 mg


1,090 mg


0,81 mg


500 mg

Vitamin A

23 mcg

Vitamin C

5,0 mg

Vitamin B6

1,70 mg


158 mg

Vitamin B1

0,82 mg


135 mg

Vitamin B2

0,17 mg


6,0 mg

Vitamin B5

0,52 mg

(a) Practically free from mould and mouldy or rancid taste.  
(b) Free from living insects and mites.  
(c) Practically free from foreign matter – anything other than pistachio (kernel, hard shell and pericarp)

Health benefits of Pistachios

 Pistachios are delicious tree nuts recognized for their wholesome nutrition properties.

Opened and closed pistachios
Naturally and mechanically opened pistachios
Raw and roasted pistachios

No additives 100% natural
Size: 18-34
Processing : Raw
Closed nuts: Maximum 5%
Small nuts : Maximum 5%
Deformed nuts : Maximum 2%
Nuts of another sort: Maximum 6%
Foreign objects : Maximum 1%
Mechanical open : Not allowed
Moisture content : Maximum 4,5%
Mold : Not allowed
Output kernel : At least 54%
Partially disclosed nuts (by weight) : Maximum 10%
kernels without shell : Maximum 1%
Empty shells : Maximum 1%

Grades of Pistachios

AAA: ~95% whole + 5% split. 
AA: ~90% whole + 10% split.
A: ~85% whole + 15% split.
C: ~70% whole + 30% split.



Types of pistachios:
1. Round (fandoghi)
2. Jumbo (kallequchi)
3. Long (akbari, ahmadaghaei, badami)

Each type of pistachios is classified into fifth group:
A. Open inshell
B. Closed shell
C. Loose kernel*
D. Shelling stock
E. Mechanically opened: Closed shells have been split mechanically
*note: Normal, green, and unripe are kinds of kernel.

The number of pistachios per ounce (28.4g) is counting unit for this
product and ranges are 18 to 34.

Sizes are as follows:
18 – 20,26 – 28
20 – 22,30 – 32
22 – 24,32 – 34
24 – 26

Processed pistachios:
Raw pistachios can be roasted with different flavors such as salted,
lemon, garlic, curry, pepper and mixed in automatic machinery and they
are packed in PP bags or printed cellophane by order

Pistachios are used:
As snack products, in ice-cream, chocolate, confectionery and some
other delicious foods.