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Priligy yahoo, Priligy hakkinda

Standard Size 2ply/3ply White Roll Toilet Tissue Paper 15gsm-16gsm

SKU: 403bd95467eb Categories: priligy walmart, priligy for sale

Priligy yahoo, Priligy hakkinda

MJN BRAVOROX (Pty) Ltd. Is also engaged in the business of paper, pulp and other related products (e.g. Tissue, paper box, paper bag and wood chips etc. We provide tissue paper including Toilet Tissue, Paper Towel, Napkin Paper and Toilet Seat Cover to customers all over the world. With 20 years of upholding the principles of “Integrity, Quality, Strength, Professionalism”, we have become the biggest certified pulp and paper supply chain operator in SA.

Product Descriptions


100%virgin; Mixed pulp; 100% recycled pulp








Customized as request


Embossed and not embossed

Base weight:


Carton Size




Main Market :

US,Latin America, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Maldives, etc.




Home, Hotel, Restaurant, Public Building,Super Market, etc.



Export port


Supply Ability


Sample time

in 5 days

Delivery date

in 25 days


4/6/8/12 rolls per bag/carton or customized

How To Order Our Product

Customers offer general drawing of the chalkboard.

Our designer will make a professional drawing according to your chalkboard layout.

After your confirmation of the drawings, inform us the material and types you need.

We will do quote once get the confirmation of you.

Note: Customers can order all chalkboard samples we put or you can also have your own idea, as we are custom-made chalkboard supplier, so different colors and types are available.


Package Detail: Standard export package. The detail package can be customized.

Delivery Detail: It dependent on the quantity of your order. Normally within 25 days from the files approved

  1. Express:

For the sample or the small order quantity from you, we can send the good

immediately after we sign the contract, and we adopt the air express courier.

  1. Air shipment:

We can adopt the bulk air shipment for the medium orders. If you have your own

agent to collect the commodity at the local air port, this method may be suitable for you.