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Grade A Wood Pellets DIN PLUS

SKU: 57813bd2a513 Category: priligy walmart

You are most welcome to deal with our company MJN BRAVOROX (Pty) Ltd company based in South Africa. We have activities at agriculture, mining, manufacturing, import & export trading fields.

We are direct and long term reliable suppliers of best quality wood pellets from oak, spruce , pine and beech woods at best prices


Diameter                                        6-9 mm
Density                                     >1.12g/cm3
length                                              <40mm
Moisture content                            <7.32%
Ash content                                      <0.91%
Sulfur content                                  <0.05%
Caloriy                                    >4750 Kcal/kg
Packing                                             25kg/bag
Thermal efficiency                         >=85%
Burning rate                                    >=95%


Biomass Pellet or Biomass Molding Fuel using agriculture and forestry waste as raw materials. After crushing, drying, mixing and extrusion made of molding fuel. Is mainly used to replace traditional fossil energy (coal, oil, natural gas) become the new clean fuel.


1.high calorific value can save material

2.environment safety, no pollution

3.volatile fuel is good, easy to ignite and burn


high quality wood pellets for industrial power and home heatings
quality: din+ quality
materials: pure pine wood
moisture: 8%max
calorie :4200-4800 mj/kg
ash :0.5% -0.6%max
shape: stick
color: light yellow
diameter: 6mm
length: 15mm-25mm
inner density :1100-1300kg/m3 min
bulk density: 792kg/m3 min

1.Wood pellets DIN (made from Spruce, Oak, Beech and pine)

Diameter 6mm / 12mm
Humidity 5.4 %
Ash 0.5-1.0 %
Heating value 4796 kKal/kg – 4950 kKal/kg
Packing: 15 kg bag or big-bag (1000 kg)

2.Wood pellets DIN plus (Spruce, Oak, Beech and pine)

Diameter: 6mm / 8mm
Color: light
Humidity: 6.8 %
Ash: 0.3-0.5 %
Heating value 4223 kKal/kg – 4996 kKal/kg
Packing: 15 kg bags or big-bag (1000kg)


Product name Bulk wood pellet/pure wood pellet
Material 100%wood
Length 15-25mm
Color light yellow
Specification Diameter:6-8


Ash Content(%):0.1%


Use Industrial power and home heating
Packing Package according to your request