Premium Quality Natural Cocoa Powder /Alkalized Cocoa Powder/Cocoa beans

Premium Quality Natural Cocoa Powder /Alkalized Cocoa Powder/Cocoa beans

Our natural and alkalized cocoa powder is processed

by high quality West Africa cocoa beans. it is rich in nutrition which has high-calorie fat and abundant Protein and carbohydrate. There are a certain amount of alkaloids, Theo bromine, and caffeine in cocoa powder, the three of which have the function of expanding blood vessels. So it is very good for the health of human body to eat cocoa products.


Cocoa powder according to the cocoa butter content is divided into high-fat cocoa powder, fat cocoa powder, low-fat cocoa powder. GB and industry standards are not the same, we generally say that industry standards. In the national standard, the high-fat cocoa powder cocoa butter content ≥ 20.0%, medium cocoa powder cocoa butter content of 14.0% -20.0% (excluding 20.0%), low-fat cocoa powder cocoa butter content of 10.0% -14.0% Not including 14.0%). In the industry, the high-fat cocoa powder has a cocoa butter content of 20.0% -24.0%, the cocoa butter has a cocoa butter content of 10.0% -12.0% and a low-fat cocoa powder has a cocoa butter content of 8%.

Differences between Natural Cocoa Powder and Alkalized Cocoa Powder
Natural cocoa powder is cocoa beans in the process of processing into cocoa powder does not add any additives produced by the light brown cocoa powder; and alkalized cocoa powder is in the cocoa beans processing process by adding the edible alkali, so as to adjust the ph value Purpose, while the color of cocoa powder also deepened, the aroma than the natural cocoa powder and more. This is different from the processing process; the general people cannot distinguish between the following from the use and appearance and other aspects of comparison.

Natural cocoa powder color than the alkalinity cocoa powder lighter, the aroma is not as good as alkalization cocoa powder thick. In use, the alkalization of cocoa powder to use a wide range. In general, natural cocoa powder is not used for the production of liquid products, because the solubility of about 30%; alkalized cocoa powder can be used for any food production, but also direct blunt. Because the alkalization of cocoa powder is higher than the cost of natural cocoa powder, therefore, the general food manufacturers if the production of solid products are basically natural cocoa powder; and the production of liquid milk, beverages and other liquid products with alkalized cocoa powder. Chocolate on the market are basically produced with natural cocoa powder, and chocolate cream tea is produced with alkaline powder.
Natural cocoa powder and alkalized cocoa powder there is an important difference, that is, PH value is different. Natural cocoa powder PH value is generally between 5.0 to 5.8; alkalizing cocoa powder PH value is generally between 6.2 to 7.5.

Cocoa powder knowledge: natural cocoa powder alkaloids with stomach, stimulate gastric secretion, promote protein digestion, reduce the antibiotics can not solve the nutritional diarrhea.
Cocoa powder is refined, roasted, shelling, grinding, pressing, milling and other processes refined. Pure flavor, silty fine, no impurities, no coke particles. Can be used for high-end chocolate, ice cream, candy, pastries and other foods containing cocoa.

Cocoa powder nutrition analysis: Scientists said that more and more research results show that the chemical composition of cocoa powder can effectively treat heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and vascular disease. Cocoa powder in the human body to benefit is a kind of flavonols called phytochemicals in red wine and black tea also have this chemical composition.
Cocoa butter is a natural fat in cocoa beans that does not raise blood cholesterol. And make the chocolate has a unique sense of smoothness and entrance that is the characteristics. Studies have shown that cocoa butter, despite its high saturated fat content, does not increase blood cholesterol as other saturated fats. This is because it has a high stearic acid content. Stearic acid is one of the major fatty acids in cocoa butter, which reduces cholesterol in the blood.

Natural/Alkalized Cocoa Powder Specification

Appearance Fine, free flowing dark brown powder
Colour of solution Dark brown
Flavour Characteristic cocoa flavour
Moisture (%) ≤ 5
Fat content (%) 10 – 12
Ash (%) ≤12
Fineness through 200 mesh (%) ≥ 99
pH 6.2 – 6.8
Total plate count (cfu/g) ≤ 5000
Mould count (cfu/g) ≤ 100
Yeast count (cfu/g) ≤ 50
Coliforms Not detected
Shigella Not detected
Pathogenic bacteria Not detected

                                                                  Natural/Alkalized Cocoa Powder Description

Natural/Alkalized Cocoa Powder is a powder which is obtained from cocoa solids, one of the two components of chocolate liquor. Chocolate liquor is a substance which is obtained during the manufacturing process which turns cocoa beans into chocolate products. Natural/Alkalized Cocoa Powder can be added to baked goods for a chocolate flavor, whisked with hot milk or water for hot chocolate, and used in a variety of other ways, depending on the taste of the cook. Most markets carry Cocoa Powder, often with several options available.

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Packaging & Shipping

Natural/Alkalized Cocoa Powder Packaging: 25kg/bag or according to client request
Natural/Alkalized Cocoa Powder Delivery Detail: 4 weeks after confirm order. Some of the products can be supplied within 2 weeks on the strength of EDC  warehouse.

Our Services

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