Supply Fresh Normal White and Red Garlic Optimum Quality from SA

Supply Fresh Normal White and Red Garlic Optimum Quality from SA

Description  We are one of the reputable suppliers dealing in SPICES  from SA. Now we have many kinds of Spices such as: kamagra jelly vs viagra ONION, CHILLI, GINGER, LEMONGRASS, GARLIC,� With nearly 20 experience years in growing and supplying Fresh products, we ensure to supply the premium quality products at the very competitive prices.

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go to site Today, I’m very happy to introduce to you our product: GARLIC. You can see it’s specifications as below:

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levitra vs cialis Normal white garlic/Red garlic/Purple garlic
1.We have own farm and factory root, clean, no black mould
3.High Quality and low price

VARIETY: a)Fresh Garlic, b)Air-dried Garlic, c)Dehydrated Garlic


Transporting and storing temperature -3-0℃
Quality Grade A,no root,clean,no break,no black mold garlic


1:our own land plant garlic
2:our own plant for reprocessing,storage
3:High quality
4:low price !!
5.wonderful service

Chinese Pure White Garlic HOT !! Chinese Pure White Garlic HOT !!

Features: 1) Variety: normal white and pure white out skin

2) Whole and strong texture

3) Sizes: 4.5cm up, 5.0cm up, 5.5cm up, 6.0cm up, 6.5cm up

4) Availability: a) Fresh season: early June to September, b) Frozen season: September to next May


1) 10kg/ctn

2) 1kg/bag, 10 bags/ctn

3) 500g/bag, 20 bags/ctn

4) 250g/bag, 40 bags/ctn

5) 1kg/bag, 10 bags/mesh

6) 500g/bag, 20 bags/mesh

7) 5kg/mesh, 10kg/mesh, 20kg/mesh

8) Custom packing available upon request

Chinese Pure White Garlic HOT !!

Supply Period All the year round
Packing Loose packing:

a)10kg mesh bag;

b)20kg mesh bag;

c)10kg carton;

d)20kg carton;

e)30lbs calcium plastic box

Small packing:

a)1kg/bag, 1000g*10bags/carton;

b)500g/bag, 500g*20bags/carton;

c)250g/bag, 250g*40bags/carton;

d)200g/bag, 200g.50bags/carton;

e)2/3/4/5pcs per bag;

Customized Packing:

According to clients’ requirements.

Load and Its Capacity a)28mt/40’reefer container with 10/20 kg mesh bag package

b)26mt/40’reefer container with 10/20kg carton package

c)26mt/40’reefer container with 30lbs calcium plastic box

Transport and Storage Condition -3-0°C
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I hope that this details will help you can understand clearly about our product.

If you have any demand of our product, please don’t hesitate contact us

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